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Our old Point of Sale system is expensive, not very stylish and doesn’t have the features allowing us to service our customers the way we want to. We have looked at other systems, but have had problems finding one that ticks all the boxes. We really just want a modern POS…


(Great Britain) Restaurant Owner, Stockholm

”Sometimes I have to wait 10 minutes to order and pay for my cappuccino in the morning. Why can’t my favourite retailers offer me preorder, booking and delivery, like some other retailers do? Also, how come they never recognise me, after all, I am there almost every day!”


Fashion Blogger, London

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Zash POS

Zash POS is a fully featured cloud Point of Sale (POS) system. It’s the most modern and functional POS on the market that can handle all preferred ways of payments such as card, Apple Pay, different app-payments etc. In addition it comes at an affordable price and is truly easy to use. You will be up and running in just a few minutes.

Our POS software is in the form of a mobile application that you download on an iPad and you can choose what additional services you wish to integrate, such as card terminal, printers, cashboxes and more of your choice.



With Zash POS you also get access to a state of the art, Dashboard.

Here you can upload your menu, handle bookings and preorder, manage shifts/staff, look at customer reviews, handle your crm- data, create marketing campaigns, look at transaction history, manage accounting, download reports and so much more!

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Zash Order

We have also developed an App for customers, so that they can interact with you, no matter where they are!
Zash Order app includes services such as: Reservations, PreOrder, Delivery, Order & Pay@Table and allows your customers to leave ratings, redeem dedicated marketing offers from you and much, much more.

Zash Order offers one click payments (on site or on the go) via credit card, Swish or other methods of payments of your choice.

You don’t have to offer Zash Order to your customers, but trust us, if you do, they will love you for it, and you don ́t need to develop your own app!

Features of Zash POS

POS 2.0

Just a regular POS, just much, much better!

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Allow customers to order and pay quickly via Zash Order app, or other app



Accept all payments options of your choice, traditional or via mobile app

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Marketing offers

Introduce your own digital loyalty program and send dedicated marketing offers

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Fully licensed and compliant with local regulations



Organize staff schedule, see who gets best review and sells most

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Choose the alternative below that works best for your business.

1. Get a card terminal from and pay a small transaction fee – 1,5% NO OTHER COSTS!


2. Use your own card terminal and pay a monthly fee to use the Zash POS. Price examples below.

Month to Month

79 EUR/month

Month to Month


Up to 5 iPads/POS

21 EUR/month

Up to 5 iPads/POS



TBD EUR/month



  • 0000158_star-tsp654iibi-bluetooth-thermal-printer
    Printer (Star TSP654IIBi)

    270 EUR

  • sumup
    Card Reader (SumUp Air)

    79 EUR

  • 360-Degree-Tablet-Holder-Rotatable-Aluminum-Desktop-Holder-Tablet-Stand-For-iPad-Air-2-1-9
    iPad Stand (Zash Design)

    30 EUR

  • Star mPOP with POPPack blk
    Star “All in one”

    1699 EUR

  • Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 15.16.45
    SumUp “All in one”

    899 EUR

  • nets
    Card Reader (Nets iWL250B)

    879 EUR

  • star
    mPOP/Star Cashbox + Printer

    410 EUR

  • heckler
    iPad PRO Stand (Heckler Design)

    149 EUR

  • heckler
    iPad Air Stand (Heckler Design)

    119 EUR

  • Samsung
    Samsung Galaxy Tab E (For Kitchen/Bar App)

    229 EUR

  • ipad Air
    iPad Air – 32GB – 9.7in

    399 EUR

  • ipad pro
    iPad PRO – 32GB – 12.9in

    799 EUR

Total 0 EUR



With Zash, we started offering PreOrder and Delivery service to our clients, which we didn’t have before. This increased our revenues by 15% after the first month and we suddenly, got lots of new customers.

Pierre Alwani

(Great Britain) Le Petit Moulin – Uppsala, Sweden

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Before we had Zash, more than 30% of the time was spend on taking orders and payments. Now we have significantly enhanced our customer experience and loyalty and at the same time saved significantly on our operational costs!

Tommy Johnsson

Paul’s Cafe – Stockholm, Sweden

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It took me less than 5 min to set up and start selling with Zash. I love the simplicity of the system, especially since I’m horribly bad with IT.

Michelle Parrisson

Plated Bar & Lounge – London, United Kingdom