Zash POS

Our main product offering is the Zash POS, which is the most modern and functional POS on the market. You can purchase this “All In One” Package, with iPad + Cardterminal + Printer + Stand for only 799 GBP

Everything is in the cloud, all you need is an iPad. It comes with features such as Table placements, Split checks etc. Either use your own Hardware to connect to the mobile app or buy a “startup kit” from us, with iPad, Printer and Card Reader.

  • Printer (Star TSP654IIBi)

    270 GBP 

  • Card Reader (SumUp Air)

    29 GBP 

  • mPOP/Star Cashbox + Printer

    410 GBP 

  • iPad Stand (Pro)

    99 GBP