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Powered by Card Payments and Dedicated POS Hardware

1000's of business owners use Zash to get paid and run their businesses, hassle free.

We’re your “One Stop shop” partner of choice. With us you can enable Payments in your store, on your website, get hardware with embedded POS, all bundled together into one point of contact. Best market rates, guaranteed!

Download the app from Google Play Market and use free of charge.  Supercharge it with our Premium services such as connected payments and hardware. 

We’re ready, when you are.

Business solutions for every type of SME business.

We know what it takes to run your own business, the sweat and tears that go in to be “your own boss”. We’ve been there, done that and are still doing it 24/7. We ensure we do payments really, really well for you, so that you can focus on what you do best, servicing your customers!

Getting paid is probably the most important thing in running a business. You need a partner that will take care of that for you, hassle free! 

Why Zash?

We’ve reengineered our In-Store services from ground up. With us you get the latest Hardware, Software and Payments all bundled together. Skip the hassle of searching for different service providers, trying to figure out how the IT can work together. We take care of everything, ensuring you can focus on what you do best – servicing your customers. 
The Zash POS App, comes pre-installed on our main service offering – the Pax920 device. With Pax920 and Zash bundled together you have Hardware, Software and Payments bundled into one place. 
You can also use the Zash POS app on any android device. Not as great as budnled together with the Pax920, but its wayyyy more powerful than the old Windows based hardware boxes and cords out there that lable themselves as “modern POS”. 
Take the Zash EPOS app for a test drive, by clicking the link – >