Take payments. Track inventory. Supercharge loyalty.

The old Point of Sale services are no longer relevant. Mobile technologies have enabled your customers to check in, check out, compare products and prices on their mobile. You need to make sure you have the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition. Now you can. Zash Terminal is an Android Device, with its own dedicated POS app. Everything you need in one smart machine. Sign up online and operate your business fully digital. Oh, and for an unbeatable price… Guaranteed!

Whats your business?

No matter if You are big or small, if you sell coffee, diapers or gym memberships. Zash Terminal is adjustable for each business segment.


Features such as Split check, Table Seating as well as the possibility to integrate the leading PreOrdering and table booking apps into Zash are all included in the monthly fee.


Keep track of your inventory, both online and offline. Set up multiple stores. Accept any type of payment and more.


Enable sub accounts for your staff have separate selling accounts in your POS. Offer monthly subscriptions and more.

The latest Tech – Hassle Free!

Spend less time and money on trying to mix and match POS to Card Payment Services and adding other Payment types. Also don’t worry about long term commitments that you cant get out of. We offer flexible plans so you can focus on growing your business. We have had our own retail businesses, before founding Zash, so we know that IT needs to work seamlessly so that you can focus on what you do best, attracting and servicing your clients.

Honest & fair pricing, no hidden fees!

Before building Zash we looked at what the competition is offering. You have probably noticed that the service offerings out there are so complex and you’ll need multiple partnerships (POS, Loyalty, Payments, Hardware etc) to manage even a small business. Our focus has always been to simplify everything as much as possible. Oh and long-term contracts? We don’t do any of those, too.

Supercharge loyalty

Customer loyalty is engineered into our products from the ground up. Zash includes digital receipts so you can start building your customer database. If you have a returning customer, you can go in to see their order history, offer discounts and so much more!

POS + Payments = Done

Most services separate POS and Payment services, but we don’t. We want to be your one stop shop partner. We offer our own payment solution, in addition the ability to integrate your existing payment service provider. Talk to us about the best set up!

You already know
how to use it.

Get up and running in fewer than five minutes— use the Zash Terminal or download the app on any Android Device. The User interphase is so simple that, You, Your staff and Your customers will know how to use it without any explanation!

It won’t let you down. And neither will we.

Designed for reliability

Zash Terminal is designed to withstand the busiest checkouts. Both the Hardware and Software has been tested in high density environments. It just works.

24/7 phone support included

We’re here to answer your questions all day, every day. Get 24/7 phone support, next-business-day hardware replacement, and more.

Packed with everything you need.

“So easy to use and reliable. Far better than the other systems we looked at”

Pierre AlwaniOwner @ Le Petite Moulin

“With Zash, I always feel in control, I can manage my business on the go on my mobile”

Tomas FredrikssonPersonal Trainer @ Banus Fitness

“I used to spend hours every week trying to organise my inventory, with Zash, its all updated instantly”

Jessica AskPhotographer @ Picture Perfect


  • POS Software Fee
  • 19/Month/Device​
  • Use the Zash Go app on any Android device for a small monthly fee
  • Card Acceptance Fee
  • 1.5%Transaction Fee
  • Link a SumUp Account to Zash and pay only for accepting cards
  • Zash Terminal
  • 399One Time Cost
  • POS, Printer, Camera and Scanner all in one product.

Feeling Special? Ok, we understand : ) Get in touch with us to discuss custome rates, features, or just to clarify things before we kickstart our partnership!