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The FAQ page covers various topics, including how to set up and operate the service, security, support, and more, so you should be able to find most, if not all of the answers you need here. 

Our services range from online to In-Store Payments, Hardware and EPOS apps, so if you have specific needs, its always best to get in touch with us on 

You can download the Zash Go app on any Google Play enabled device. However, we reccomend that you use Zash on a dedicated hardware device, such as the PAX920 or any of the approved and tested devices listed here

With Zash – you always get 100% transparent pricing. If you take a Card acceptance service from us, or one of our partners, you only pay a small % of the total card acceptance volume. Rates start at 1.6% and can be lower, if your card payment volumes are above 25 000 per month. The Zash POS app is free if you take one of our card acceptance offer, or €19/Month if you use another card acceptance service. your business is.

Custom quotes are available for retailers with six or more outlets.

To be safe, you’re best to start with a free trial so you can give us a test drive without investing too much from the get-go. If you need to cancel once you’re up and running, you can do so at any time, no questions asked!

It really depends on how many products you have and how busy you are. Some of our customers complete the process within a couple of minutes, but if you have tons of SKUs and not a lot of free time, it could take days.

We do understand that time IS money for entrepreneurs, so in order to make set-up as quick and painless as possible, we recommend that you prepare CSV files of the following before starting the process:

  • List of all products
  • List of prices and tax information
  • List of SKUs or barcodes
  • List of customers

For more info, you might want to check out the Zash Product Manual where we provide more information + checklists of what you may need when choosing and setting up your POS. If you need someone to walk you through the process, just get in touch with us and support staff can assist you.

Zash also offers professional services that include hands-free setup (where we take care of everything, including migrating products and customers) and one-to-one training. 

Alternatively, you can find a Zash Partner in your area to provide on-site POS installation and account set up for you. Our partners are certified Zash experts who can get you up and running with the hardware, software, and add-ons you need to run your store.

It’s very likely that Zash will play nice with the printers, scanners, credit card readers, and equipment you already have. We focus on making the software work with the best and most commonly used retail hardware and we hear a lot from retailers using Zash successfully with printers we’d never even heard of.

But to be sure, swing by GetZash Hardware Guide for detailed specs on the hardware and peripherals compatible with Zash.

Can’t find your existing hardware on our list of recommendations? Contact our sales consultants at or sign up for a free account and see how Zash works with your store’s existing hardware.

Don’t worry, we know that getting new tech can be daunting. Thats why we engineered Zash to be simplified to the minimum. Essentially anyone that can operate a regular Smartphone or Tablet, should be able to grasp the Zash POS app and our web-services very easily. Off course our support team is available should you have any questions along the way. You should also check out the Zash POS manual to see how easy the system is to navigate. Last but not least, test-drive the app here, so you see how easy to use it really is. 

Most people who switch to Zash never look back. Our clients love the software’s user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as its features and integrations. You don’t have to take our word for it though, we have over 20 000 customers that has used some or all of our services over many years. 

You can also register for a free account to get a hands-on feel of how it works. Finally, you can always talk to our trusty sales consultants for any specific questions or concerns and they’ll help you decide if Zash really is right for you. Drop us a line a 

First off, you are a pioneer as you have already considered switching to a Tablet Based POS, instead of the old legacy Windows Based POS systems. An increasing number of retailers are opting for mobile POS systems because they’re sleek, portable, and allow you to bring the check out process to your customers.

At this moment in time, Zash sofware is focused on Android infrastructure.

You’ll be able to get the system up and running either by downloading our GetZash Android App on any Android device.

Zash is a Swedish Fintech leader, part of a larger group based in United Kingdom. We have offices in UK, Sweden and Spain and works in many countries around the globe. Talk to a friendly member of our team for more details.

We wouldn’t want you to get to get stuck either. Fortunately, GetZash support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online and phone support is free with every plan, so you can send us a message or call whenever you get stuck. You can also consult our Help Center anytime to find the answer to your question.

You sure can. Many of our customers use Zash only during the summer or just sporadically like one time per month, when they go to trade events etc.

For such customers, we reccomend the SumUp card acceptance. Its free to set up and get started, and you only pay 1.69% to accept card payments. more info here 

Yes. GetZash works great for retailers with multiple locations and it makes it easy to manage your inventory, staff and customer information across all your stores.