Online Solutions

Take payments on the web and on mobile

Accepting payments on your website and in your app has never been easier!

Zash Online Payments seamlessly integrates any WordPress Website and also works seamlessly, with the In-Store Solutions we offer. Signing up to take payments takes only a few minutes and once your account is set up, you can navigate your business through the free Merchant Dashboard.

To simplify all aspects of your business we’ve ensured you can keep your online and in-person orders, items, and inventory in sync, all in one place.

The true Omni-Channel Experience!

Now your customers can order and pay on your restaurant’s website and pick up in person. You can also integrate 3rd party apps like Uber Eats and Just Eat so that orders appear directly in your Zash Point of Sale, which lets you see all your orders in one place, accept them, and notify the customer when they’ll be ready. Tickets get generated automatically so your kitchen can prep orders on time for customer pick up.

Any Card

Accept any card, no matter if it’s a Visa, Mastercard, AmEx or UnionPay. Personal or Business, you always know you pay a small flat rate. 

Consistent rates

Get a fixed rates to accept all your payments, online and/or In-Store. Buy or lease hardware from us. Scale up or scale down depending on your business needs. 

Online Payments

  • Set up on any E-Com Platform
  • Free Merchant Dashboard
  • Integrated to Accounting systems
  • Integrate to WordPress
  • Inventory Management
  • Sign up online
  • Sync with your In-Store sales

No Hidden Fees

No startup fees, statement fees, monthly fees, refund fees, PCI-compliance fees, chargeback fees, support fees. Basically what you see is what you get!

24/7 Support

Sometimes, you need help, even when things aren’t broken. No worries, we’re there to hold your hand around the clock, anytime, anywhere.