Accept Payments

#1 POS Software/Hardware, supercharged with Payments

Get Paid, Fast, Always!

Before launching Zash, we listened to the pain-points out there. We understand that when a customer pays on your website or in your store you want to see the money bank account within days, no questions asked! We also realise you can’t really care less what type of card the customer pulls out when its time to pay. Key thing is for the transaction to go through and not being charged ridiculous fees for it, right? 
We know that running a SME business is not a fairy tale. “Be your own boss” often means being a marketing manager, staffing agency, cleaner, operations manager all at the same time. At least with Zash, you don’t also need to be a Banker… We make sure you get paid, fast, always at best rates on the market. We focus on delivering a 100% customer satisfaction and are already providing services to over 20.000 merchants in UK. You’r success is our success. Let’s do this!

Be in Control, no matter where you are

Signing up takes about 5 minutes. No need to visit any bank, or office. Everything happens online.

Once your merchant service account is approved, you get access to the most powerful merchant dashboard out there. Here you can operate your business, manage refunds, send invoices, get paid by link and so much more.  

Also, keep an eye on your cash flow with real-time updates about your sales and inventory.

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100% transparent and easy to understand rates

Overcharging customers, hidden fees and cumbersome processess is a big no-no in our book. We like to keep things simple and ensure your business is successful. Payments, IT and Operations shouldn’t be a cost, it should be your revenue generator!

If your business is transacting over £25.000/month, get in touch to get even lower rates!

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Consistent rates

Get a fixed rates to accept all your payments, online and/or In-Store. Buy or lease hardware from us. Scale up or scale down depending on your business needs. 

Any Card

Accept any card, no matter if it’s a Visa, Mastercard, AmEx or UnionPay. Personal or Business, you always know you pay a small flat rate. 

No Hidden Fees

No startup fees, statement fees, monthly fees, refund fees, PCI-compliance fees, chargeback fees, support fees. Basically what you see is what you get!

24/7 Support

Sometimes, you need help, even when things aren’t broken. No worries, we’re there to hold your hand around the clock, anytime, anywhere.